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Eutelsat S.A.

Eutelsat Communications : nouvelle DG, nouvelle stratégie ? Les Echos, 13.1.2022

Eutelsat is Set for an Evolution With New CEO Eva Berneke, Via Satellite, 23.5.2022

Eutelsat S.A. in Russia / EUTELSAT IGO

EUTELSAT IGO Advisroy Committee discuss the issues related to Ukraine (Linkedin 15.4.2022)

Russian Broadcasting Solutions, Eutelsat

Eutelsat Executes Oil and Gas Project With Gazprom in Russia, Via Satellite, 17.11.2021

Eutelsat will ensure continuity of service, Comnews, March 2021

News about Intersputnik

Ксения Дроздова поведет "Интерспутник" дальше и выше,, 20.5.2022  Translation by Google : Ksenia Drozdova will lead Intersputnik further and higher

News about NTV Plus and Tricolor

Russian DTH operator appeals for state support (Broadband TV News, 5 April 2022)

Tricolor proposed extending support measures to satellite operators (Telecom Daily, 4.4.2022) (Google translated)

Satellite broadcasters lose orbit. "Tricolor" requested state support, Kommersant 5?4.2022/

US sanctions against Russian TV channels

U.S. Treasury Takes Sweeping Action Against Russia’s War Efforts, Press release, 8.5.2022

On the Russian TV Telekarta, due to sanctions, they stopped broadcasting VGTRK channels. The broadcast was conducted from American satellites (Google translation), The Insider, 24.5.2022

AKnet (Kyrgystan IPTV network) announcement, 26.5.2022

Broadcasting of Russia 1 and Zvezda TV channels blocked in Turkmenistan, Interfax, 27.5.2022

VGTRK TV channels are temporarily blocked in Kyrgyzstan, Broadcasting of Russia 1 and Zvezda TV channels blocked in Turkmenistan, 27.5.2022

Some Russian state TV channels became unavailable in Aknet,, 27.5.2022

Orion has completed the creation of a backup broadcasting platform,, 6.1.2022

Telekarta goes to a new satellite, Sat Kurier, 31.5.2022


Further call for sanctions in the media field

Moldavie : le Parlement interdit la diffusion d'émissions d'informations russes à la radio et à la télévision, France Info, 2.6.2022


Thread by Alexei Navalny calling for EU actions on the social media, Twitter, 14.4.2022


Sanction Yandex N​.​V. for disseminating Russian state propaganda (Petition on

Letter of the Chair of the National Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting of Ukraine to the Chair of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA), 6 April 2022 


Ukrainian media community appeals to EC (Broadband TV News, 11.3.2022)

News on individual TV channels

She Was the Head of a Russian TV Station. Now She's an Enemy of the State (TV Rain), Haaretz, 1.5.2022

Discovery Suspends Operations in Russia Amid War on Ukraine, 15 Channels Will Go Off Air, (Variety, 9 March 2022)

Liberal Russian TV Dozhd Suspending Operations Over Ukraine Ban, The Moscow Times, 3 march 2022

On Russian propaganda

Russian TV Screens Are Filled With Evidence of Russian War Crimes — but Labeled “Fake” The Intercept, 12.2.2022

Russia: the west underestimates the power of state media, The Conversation, 11.3.2022

Russian State TV Show Goes Off Message, Criticizes War on Ukraine, The Moscow Time, 11.3. 2022 

Guerre en Ukraine. À la télévision russe, la vérité n’existe plus, Ouest-France, 6.4.2022

The Solovyov.Live TV channel will broadcast on Euronews frequencies – The Moscow Times in Russian (Hindustan News Hub, 7.4.2022

Stop Russian propaganda, OZI, 11.4.2022

Statement by Margarita Simonyan, Head of RT (Rossyia 1, 13.4.2022

American Producer Arrested for Trying to Set-up TV Station in Greece on Behalf of Russian Oligarch, Greek Reporter, 5.3.2022


Censorship and repression in Russia

RSF remet en ligne le site de RFI en Russie, RSF, 16.4.2022

Russie : les sanctions tombent pour les journalistes qui osent encore informer sur la guerre en Ukraine, RSF, 16.4.2022

Azerbaijani Russian-Language Media Blocked by the Russian Authorities (Safety of Journalists platforms), Council of Europe, 15.4.2022

Russia: journalist arrested for ‘fake news’ about armed forces, The Guardian, 15.4.2022

TikTok created an alternate universe just for Russia, Washington Post, 12.4.2022


Washington Post contributor arrested in Moscow after criticizing Putin, Washington Post, 12.4.2022

Colombian Faces 10 Years in Jail for Ukraine War ‘Fakes, The Moscow Times, 11.4.2022

Roskomnadzor blocked the websites of the publications "Discourse" and "Holod" (Svoboda, RU, 9.4.2022)

Zakharova: "YouTube has signed its own verdict" (Svoboda, RU, 9.4.2022)

Russian draft law paves way fast retaliation against foreign media (Reuters, 5/4/2022)

Internet in Russia

Sur l’Internet russe, l’expansion massive des communautés antiguerre malgré la censure, Libération, 15.5.2022

La Russie bloque sur son territoire le site internet de la radio française RFI, France-Info, 15.4.2022


Russia Inches Toward Its Splinternet Dream, Wired, 1.4.2022

Russia: Authorities launch witch-hunt to catch anyone sharing anti-war views (Amnesty International, 30.3.2022)

A Mysterious Satellite Hack Has Victims Far Beyond Ukraine, Wired, 23.3.2022

How to circumvent state internet censorship in Russia (DW, 9/3/2022)

Russian jamming of satellites services and cyberattacks

Russo-Ukrainian War Highlights Cyber Threats to Satellite Communications, National Interest, 12.4.2022

Russia is jamming GPS satellite signals in Ukraine, US Space Force says,, 12.4.2022

Le FBI annonce avoir démantelé un réseau utilisé par la Russie pour de possibles cyberattaques, Le Monde, 8.4.2022

Sanctions against RT and Sputnik     -  See on the page The EU decision RT /sputnik 

Sanctions by Western media

YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally, The Guardian, 11.3.2022

Analysis of disinformation by Russian propagandists

Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Outlets Referenced by Hundreds of Wikipedia Articles, EUvSDisinformation, 19.4. 2022 

Ukraine war: How Russian propaganda dominates Chinese social media, DW, 8.4.2022

Guerre en Ukraine : plusieurs opérations d’influence russes et biélorusses bloquées par Facebook (Le Monde, 8.4.2022)

Western-owned Russian firm helps sites pushing false news profit from ads (The Guardian, 30.3.2022)

Analyse des stratégies de désinformation sur les massacres observables sur les réseaux sociaux (6.4.2022)

Les Français et l'information sur le conflit opposant la Russie à l'Ukraine, IFOP, 7.3.2022 

N. Tenzer, La propagande « douce » : une menace invisible et invasive, Desk Russie, 22 juin 2021.

News on the telecom market in Russia

Telecom Daily  (Google translation into English)

News on the VoD market in Russia

Russian customers sue Netflix, Broadband TV News, 14.4.2022

EBU statements on Russian members and on war in Ukraine

President Zelenskyy speaks exclusively to Eurovision News (21.3.2022)

EBU Members come together to support Ukrainian public service media  (4.3.2022)

Message of hope as European radio stations come together to ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (3.3.2022)


EBU statement on Russian members (1.3.2022)

EBU Statement on RTR, Channel One and Radio House Ostankino membership (26.2.2022)

EBU Statement on Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (25.2.2022)

Aggressions against journalists in Russia


Nobel laureate and Novaya Gazeta’s editor Dmitry Muratov assaulted in Moscow (EFJ, 8 April 2022)

Russian interference in foreign elections

Russia Airs Its Ultimate ‘Revenge Plan’ for America, The Daily Beast, 11.4.2022

Jean-Christophe Boucher, Jack Edwards​, Jenny Kim​, Abbas Badami

Henry Smith Disinformation and Russia-Ukrainian War on Canadian Social Media, University of Caligary, June 2022

Messages of the Novosty Agency the 10 April 2022 announcing false results of the 1st turn of French presidential elections.



The Information War: communication and the Russian invasion of Ukraine (ECREA Webinar edited by Prof. John Downey)   22 mars 2022
novosty 22 30.jpg
novosty 23 00.jpg

For the news related to the action of the Denis Diderot Committee, see the page Reactions to the petition.

"Vu de Russie" analyse comment les Russes perçoivent au quotidien la guerre en Ukraine. Elena Volochine, correspondante depuis dix ans en Russie, décrypte pour France 24 la propagande des chaînes de télévision russes pour expliquer comment le régime de Vladimir Poutine construit son narratif et une histoire parallèle du conflit. Elle explique dans cette chronique comment les Russes sont persuadés d’une nécessaire mobilisation pour aller combattre "le nazisme" et mener leur patrie à la "Victoire". En savoir plus  :  13.5.2022

Julia Davis, Russian media analyst and columnist for The Daily Beast, talks with Anthony Scaramucci about how pro-Russia propaganda has intensified since the start of the war in Ukraine; Julia shares her assessment of what’s happening on the ground in Russia; and whether cracks are forming. They then discuss the impact of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent video message and question how much Trump has helped Putin, as Russian propaganda has “served up a beneficial deck of cards for Trump.” 12.4.2022

Despite efforts to crackdown on Moscow's propaganda and disinformation on its invasion of Ukraine, Russian government broadcaster Radio Sputnik is thriving on U.S. airwaves. Produced by Russia's state media company, from studios just blocks from the White House, Sputnik is selling a very different version of the conflict in Ukraine to American audiences, one where Russia is the victim. Global’s Jackson Proskow looks at how that happened with the help of Americans and how it's trying to reframe the war in the Kremlin's favour. For more info, please go to   11.5.2022

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